collective dope

BEAT ‘I just wish to feel you’


#deadbody #active #passive #relationship #bboy #contemporary

Everything in life exists thanks to energy waves. These vibrations create the rhythms that drive us and make our hearts beat. We share the same pace, the same pulse, we are connected through movement and touch. But what happens when the “beat” disappears?

Here is Jenna and here is Jonas. Living in the accelerated world of social media and the possibility of instant communication through messaging and swiping from left to right. These communicational forms make us feel deeply related to others, meanwhile, we are missing the actual encounters, handshakes, hugs, and movements expressing our instinctive feelings and physical reactions.

A contemporary dancer and a b-boy. Both physically trained to master techniques and control over their bodies. Together they are decoding the skilled and disciplined body into a new way of movement and partnering. The active and the passive. The manipulator and the manipulated one. “The living-body” and “the dead-body”.

The sound artist Adrian Newgent joins them on stage, composing live soundscape in dialog with the dancers. The result is an incredibly physical, raw, yet intimate and touching duet about human relations.

Creators, performers: Jenna Jalonen, Jonas Garrido Verwerft
Live music composition: Adrian Newgent
Light design: Miklós Mervel
Production assistant: Janka Vámos, Jeroen Lissens
Tour management: György Ujvári-Pintér
Production: Straatrijk
Co-production: Collective Dope, Workshop Foundation
Supporters: STUK House for Dance, Image & Sound, Life Long Burning, Ultima Vez, Stad Leuven, SÍN Arts Centre, Eva Duda Dance Company / Movein Studio, Cirk la Putyika / Jatka78, EMMI, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts
Concept, direction: Jenna Jalonen

The production is an official selection of Aerowaves twenty20 Spring Forward
The performance is supported by European Union Culture Program