collective dope

Collective Dope

Collective Dope is a contemporary dance and performing arts collective founded and driven by Jenna Jalonen and Nóra Horváth. The Collective collaborates together with other artists from different backgrounds and art forms.

Jenna and Nóra both share a similar early history in competitive gymnastics but have different dance educational backgrounds despite of this they share a similarity in their working and researching methods. Always digging deeper to find new movement forms, playing with childlike curiosity and aiming for the highest possible quality in their artistic creations.

In their creations, the artists are searching for new ways of movement and performance. Researching raw and extreme physicality, conscious and unconscious state of the body as well as simple movement forms in complex structures inspired by contemporary, urban and social dance forms. Resulting in the ‘I just wish to…’ -trilogy where the linear of modern society and generational thematics is being drawn.

Collective Dope aims to communicate with an artistic approach that besides a regular audience, is easily accessible also for younger audiences to explore contemporary dance and performing arts. Next to their artistic creations, Collective Dope organizes educational workshops, public talks and an annual event under the name of [D]OPEN your move, a minifestival with a diverse program of a concept battle, performances and party for contemporary and urban/street dance communities to meet, share and inspire each other.