collective dope

DOPE ‘I just wish to help you’


#help #fall #liftingup #playfull #brutal

How does helping each other appear or does it exist at all? Can helping suffocate a relationship? Does selfless friendship exist? How come we pull out our phones to record a live video of a fight rather than step in between to help? Is helping a moral duty or a matter of personality?

Scenes from a world where a childlike curiosity and suicidal experimenting are caressing each other at the same time. Inspired by their generations’ cultural and social phenomenons the artists are using brutal physicality together with gentle gestures to parallel lines between social differences, hopelessness, apathy, disaffection from each other, drug abuse, displacement from communities and the never-ending search of freedom.

Creators, performers: Jenna Jalonen, Nóra Horváth
Production assistance: Janka Vámos
Supported by: Workshop Foundation, SÍN Arts Center, Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Pianofabriek, Studio Menuet, Theater Bremen
Special thanks to: Máté Mészáros, Csaba Varga, Ugo Dehaes, Thierry Delvigne