Long time no see!


Beatrix and Jenna were born in isolated European countries. They have the same amount of muscles and bones. They are movers, acrobatics, both comfortable with steam and water. Women of the Y-generation. Blonde and brunette. Nordic and Central-European. One’s ancestors lived under the Turkish empire, the other under the Swedish. One drinks pálinka and the other Koskenkorva. Almost sisters. Not quite.

Long time no see! (TERV.) is a research project about common roots and isolation, social similarities and peculiarities. It dives into the meaning of words and metacommunication, actions and reactions, the space between an understanding and a misunderstanding, as sisters, as cousins.  A performance by a Hamburg-based Hungarian and Budapest-based Finn that explores the curious and familiar aspects of two distinct cultures albeit common roots.

Concept, choreography, performers: Jenna Jalonen, Beatrix Simko
Set design, photography, video: Daniel Dömölky
Sound design: Ábris Gryllus
Text: András Vinnai
Costume: Emese Kasza – MEI KAWA
Creative manager: Andrea Kovács I Let _it_Be art agency!
Production manager: Brigitta Kovács
Special thanks: Jessica Simet, Ernő Kiraly, Zoltán Szmolka, András Benyak, Péter Pusztahazi, József Peto
Supporters: National Cultural Fund, Life Long Burning, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Cooperation partners: Workshop Foundation, Ultima Vez, Rakastajat Teatteri Pori, Balassi Institute Helsinki, Suomi 100, Studio Latéral 19, Let it Be! art agency, deephoto, PUR E, Mei Kawa, DNN, SIN Culture Centre
With the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union as part of the SOURCE project.
The production is part of Aerowaves Twenty19 selection